Uber vs Waymo: The Battle of LIDAR

When does it stop for Uber? I mean how much trouble can one company get into before hitting Enron status? If you haven't been reading the latest, Uber is now being accused of hiding a trade secret theft in the ongoing court battle Waymo has waged against them. Of course Uber is emphatically denying such claims, but at this point does anyone believe them? Waymo doesn't and they are going for the throat of the ride hailing company methodically.

Facebook Live: Should It be Taken Away from Us?

With the recent murder broadcasted on Facebook Live, some have started to question the validity of the feature as a whole. . In fact, I was asked directly by a good friend, Sarah Zahlen, "What do you think about fb live or uploading video based on recent events of "live" suicides and murder(s)?" I have seen many posts and responses on social media stating that Facebook should get rid of the feature. Although this can be considered an option, is it really the right option for Facebook or the consumers that use Facebook Live as a tool for their business, blog, podcast, or other venture?

You Down With YPP?

For all of you budding YouTube stars out there, you might want to rethink your position on making millions with your DSLR camera and Rode boom mic. It seems that YouTube has rethought their position on the YouTube Partner program, and this means you aren't going to be making any money for a while.

The Smart Grid, the Internet, and You

Recent stories coming out of the United Kingdom revealed this week that some of the smart grid meters operated in the UK are faulty and reflect much higher readings than the actual usage. This is a paramount study as it is the first study to prove that the meters are reading higher than actual usage.

TouchCast Goes All in on Video Live Streaming

As you have probably seen in your news feed on most social media platforms, live video is becoming the new way to present to mass audiences. Hitting the social media Goliath, Facebook, pretty hard and heavy, it allows everyday people to become creators and show off their talents or goods. It seems to be the platform that out performs all of the other consumer tools. One company in particular has gone all in on a bet that live video streaming is going to go further than tools like Facebook Messenger and become a primary communications tool.

Twitter is the King of the Social Media One-Liners

If you use Twitter, you might have seen something a little different lately, especially if you use your phone to connect.  Twitter has given you the opportunity to explore the app now, by giving you an “explore” button. Now you aren’t going to find yourself running through the codes and algorithms that run Twitter, but what you will find is a way to locate tweets and trending topics easier.

Facebook Launches Delegated Recovery Feature

How many times have you went to login to an online account and realized you have forgotten the password you created? Most sites have you do a recovery method of clicking on the 'forgot password' link and they send you an email with instructions to create a new password. Unfortunately this method is not safe. Yahoo has proven this to us a couple of times.