TCOP Daily was a podcast that was developed in May of 2016. The vision of this podcast came from Ray Rideout, Jr, a podcaster that had a show called The Crossroads of Podcasting. That is where the acronym TCOP originated, but since then it has evolved into something way bigger than it was. In fact, TCOP has now grown to stand for Trending Content Online Podcast.
In June of 2016 TCOP Daily was released under a completely different format. The original format was to help podcasters understand podcasting on a better level, but the new format brought in news stories that all podcasters would want to hear. Later in June of the same year, CJ Ripka joined the show as the co-host. With him, he brought the idea of doing only tech news and treating the show as a news cast with flair. From there, the new TCOP Daily was born and it has soared since. CJ has since left the show to pursue his own interests on Raw & Real.

Jump ahead to February 10, 2017 when TCOP Daily was renamed Tech News Nightly. 

Today Tech News Nightly has listeners from all over the world. It is slowly becoming the technology, social media, internet security, and podcasting news source of choice. The show can be heard on any podcatcher of choice as well as Podbean. Tech News Nightly is your source for technology news.

In July of 2016, the first edition of the TCOP Daily Newsletter was sent out to subscribers and was a large success with all of its readers. The newsletter features stories that are not on the podcast, but are still important enough to be talked about. We advise you to sign up for the newsletter to see inside stories, “behind the scenes” stories, as well as great feature articles on news from around the technology, social media, internet security and podcasting world.

In February of 2017, the last edition of the TCOP Daily Newsletter was written and distributed. In March of 2017, the first edition of the Tech News Nightly Newsletter was produced and delivered to all of its subscribers. The newsletter brings stories that are not heard or seen on any other platform that Tech News Nightly uses.

We are in the midst of updating the site to be more user friendly and to allow readers to see a blog of stuff I do or think about off the mic. The blog is something that shows my ideas on a different platform and medium. The posts are mostly about technology.

Live Streaming
In February of 2017, Tech News Nightly began a daily live stream on Facebook. I am in the midst of developing new strategies to distribute the live stream to YouTube simultaneously. 


In March of 2017, the very first produced video of Tech News Nightly will be released. A new video will be released each week beyond that. These videos will contain content that is not used on any other platform that Tech News Nightly uses.

There are no limits to where Tech News Nightly can go. We have a lot of new and exciting adventures coming with the show. The vision of making this show the number one source of technology news is coming to fruition and I hope that you are there to take that journey with me.
Be Good and Take Care.

Thank You,

Ray Rideout, Jr.